If you sick, the treatment can be very expensive if you don’t know how and where to find affordable ED medications. We can help you with that! We compared prices on some common meds in top-rated pharmacies from Ashburn, and here is the list of the best with ratings and testimonials.

Giant Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.6
Customer feedback:

Giant Pharmacy offers no customer service. They are very disorganized. I arrived at the time I was told my prescription would be ready, it wasn’t. During my second time standing in line to pick up my prescription, I saw many possibilities for improvements that would save time and improve customer service.

Wow! I never had a complaint about them before, but whoever I spoke to on the phone today was extremely rude. He spoke to me with a very condescending tone when I asked for help getting a hold of my prescriber. He said, “I can’t go down to her office for you.”, which is not at all what I was asking him to do. Then he hung up on me. Terrible customer service!!

Harris Teeter Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 3.1
Customer feedback:

I called to see if my prescription was ready. And I am told it is. I drive there to get there at 904 pm there a car in front. I get to the window at 908 pm, told that they are close. I had just spoken to someone on the phone no more than 10 min ago, and she didn’t mention they were closing. Never using any consideration for a sick 7 yr old again. No humanity. It would have taken 1-2 min to get my things and process my payment if payment was a need.

I missed putting this review since May 2019. Have gone by the drive-thru twice for my son’s prescription, and the whole staff is wonderful and courteous. If a tech attends me, they always make time to call the pharmacist on duty to explain the medicine, and it’s required dosage, etc. From May until now, thank God they are efficient, not like Lee’s South and North. Walgreens is across the street, but it’s nothing compared to Harris Teeter Pharmacy.

ViaQX Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.3
Customer feedback:

ViaQX.com Associate that helped me with my questions was very knowledgeable, and my medicine for ED treatment was ready within a few minutes.

Like that, they always have the medications l need. I think that they need two employees on the drive-through because it takes to long, but l have gone inside, and they are still waiting for some time. Guess they have a lot of customers, which is great for them. OVERALL the employees are very respectful and nice when attending a customer. I was there when a man comes to them not waiting in line and demanded the medication, he was told to get in line, and he was angry saying that he had been waiting outside in line on the drive-through for 15 mins. Then he said any you want to me to wait some more, so he was attended quickly, but what he didn’t know and l wanted to tell him but didn’t was that all the customers there had been waiting and some even more than 15 mins.trying to get our meds. And for him to get to the back of the line. He was a very RUD man, but the young man that attended him was still respectful to the angry man, and we all that were waiting just let him be attended.

Wegmans Pharmacy
Customer Satisfaction Rating: 4.8
Customer feedback:

Bunch of dumb-dumbs working at Wegmans Pharmacy. I had to come back twice because they weren’t processing my insurance correctly. They hire kids to work here, and they just have no clue.

My mom called she was told that in 30 minutes, her prescriptions would be ready. We get there, and the associate said, “I just talked to you on the phone a few minutes ago, and we are still working on it. (It was 20 minutes ago not a few minutes). She then proceeded to walk away from my mom, still at the counter. She was very rude to my mother. She needs to remember that my mother and other seniors purchasing medications that helps pay her wages. Not impressed with her at all. The bright point was the other associate was very helpful and courteous. We appreciated her courteous and friendly attitude.